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Disaster Planning

DLIT Solutions can safely store your data away from your office

Disaster Planning

Remote Backup

DLIT can safely store your data remotely, storing your company’s most valuable asset in a risk free environment. Power-cuts, hardware failure, sabotage, theft, fire and even floods are among the main causes for the loss of data. Most companies still perform manual backups or rely on the PC users to regularly backup their data, which is seldom done. Subsequent recovery costs are high and rarely 100% successful. So to be 100% safe and be able to access your data 24/7, enquire about our offsite backup service.

Disaster Recovery

When you hear the words ‘disaster recovery’ you might think – “Oh it won’t happen to us!”

However, there are certain aspects of your systems, such as your accounts or client records, that will be critical for your business. All it could take is human error, a virus or power failure and these could be lost forever. We will identify these areas and implement a cost effective plan so that you can recover your data fast and efficiently.

Disaster Planning

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