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Server Support

Server-support is invaluable to your company

Server support

Your server is the critical infrastructure of your business so you need to trust in reliable and fast server support.

Server, network or backup issues are an inconvenience not only to staff-productivity, but could also mean losing critical business information. We can offer you total peace of mind.

We will proactively monitor your server remotely 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. We will receive feedback from the server on vital security updates, back-up failure, how much disk space is available and many other instances that could cause concern. We will determine parameters that should the feedback exceed, we will contact you and resolve the issue prior to the concern affecting your company.

DLIT offer a range of hosted platforms including hosted exchange, Office 365, Microsoft Azure. To discuss these further and how they can benefit your business, send us an email on

DLIT Server Support services

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