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Internet Connectivity

We can offer different packages depending on your requirements

Internet Connectivity with DLIT

DLIT are very happy to provide your internet service. Whether you are one of our IT customers or just require broadband, we use our expertise and knowledge in the field to help provide you the best solution, and are readily available for support and advice when you have internet issues.

We can provide ADSL, Fibre, Bonded or Leased line services, with a variety or speeds and packages available; at a competitive price.

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Leased Lines

Leased lines have many benefits, including increased productivity, guaranteed consistency, complete flexibility and we offer you a personalised support service, with speeds up to 1GB on a Fibre Ethernet line.

We can provide you with Fibre Ethernet and EFM options:

Ethernet – offers the fastest symmetrical speeds and highest reliability of all Leased Lines with the ability to rapidly increase speeds when needed.

EFM – can offer minimal disruption as the copper lines it uses are usually already present. A fast symmetrical, cost-effective option with a quicker lead time and the resilience of multiple copper pairs.


Phone lines

DLIT can also offer phone lines at a very competitive price, whether it be for your business or home, contact us to find out the best deal we can do for you

Internet Connectivity services

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